August 28, 2005

Ontario, Canada Bans "Pit Bulls"

As of August 29, 2005, no new "pit bulls" are allowed to be brought into Ontario, Canada, including visitors.

- mandatory death of the dog
- up to $10,000 fine
- up to six months in jail

As of October 28, 2005, all "pit bull" type dogs in Ontario must be muzzled, leashed, and sterilized.

- mandatory death of the dog
- up to $10,000 fine
- up to six months in jail

As of November 27, 2005, no new "pit bull" puppies are allowed to be born in Ontario.

- mandatory death of the puppies
- mandatory death of the parent dog(s)
- up to $10,000 fine
- up to six months in jail

Ontario Dog Legislation
Dog Owner's Liability Act
Regulations re Pit Bull Controls
Animals for Research Act

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you know i love him said...

Guest what? I'm breeding pittbulls because i have a male and a female pitt bull and they are having puppies. You can't do nothing about it Ha Ha.

Chico Bandido said...

Please read my response in the following article: This is why we are where we are!

Anonymous said...

I am a proud and devoted Pit Bull owner. Out of love for my animal I have complied with all the Ontario Government Legislature in order to protect my family and my beloved pet. However I am furious that there is overwhelming discrimination against myself and my pet. In fact I just found out that we cannot buy the house of our dreams because the town we wanted to move to has banned our Dog completely. There is supposed to be a discrimination clause set into the legislature to protect Grandfathered Pit Bulls from this sort of "Red Neck" behaviour.. however the "Hicks" win this time! That's fine, our dollars will support another open minded community and we shall not suffer the threat of our best friend being shot like a escaped convict.

chico bandido said...


I would be interested to know more about your situation of not being able to buy a house.

Please contact me at

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