May 21, 2006

More places NOT to visit in Canada

Another couple of places in Canada that have decided to get rid of their "dog problem" by getting rid of the dogs that AREN'T the problem.

Florenceville, New Brunswick

Home of McCain's, whose products many dog owners will no longer be buying, and also home of an incredibly narrow-minded town council that believes you must always stick to the rules, even if they don't make sense! I hope they remember that "I'm only obeying orders" is NOT an excuse to circumvent morality.

Caveat says it much better than I in this article.

Oakville, Manitoba

Update May 23: Oakville has put their plans for BSL on hold, pending consideration by council. Perhaps the outcry from dog owners across Canada had some effect!

This village is part of the Regional Municipality of Portage la Prairie, west of Winnipeg. I would suggest putting aside any thoughts of visiting the entire RM and letting them know why.

Here's their contact info:

35 Tupper Street South
Portage la Prairie MB R1N 1W7


James A Knight

Chief Administrative Officer:
Richard C Locke

Owen O Williams
Harold W Brown
J. T. Toby Trimble
Raymond A. Davidson
Terry A Martin
William A Alford
Wallace Ducharme

This Winnipeg Sun article gives you an idea of how politicians can overreact to public pressure, especially the second last sentence:

He admitted he's not sure any pit bulls currently pose a threat to Oakville, or even live within the town.

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