May 26, 2006

Put your money where your (dog's) mouth is!

The Banned Aid Coalition has been fighting the Ontario government for the past year and a half on behalf of ALL dog owners and they have been successful.

Public awareness of the dangers of Bill 132 has increased dramatically, media organizations are starting to understand the greater ramifications of legislation that punishes law-abiding citizens, and the best lawyer in the country has just finished arguing the legislation's constitutionality in Ontario's Superior Court, a first for Canada!

What does this mean to the average dog owner?

If the legal challenge is successful, governments across Canada will be discouraged from creating arbitrary, discriminatory, and unfair laws against dog owners. Precedent will have been set, experts will have testified, and arguments will have been made (and won) to help protect all responsible dog owners in the country. All of this information and testimony will be available to ensure that communities will consider dog owners as a large block of voters with a unified voice who will NOT sit back and watch their freedoms and their right to enjoy their pets be stripped away.

Success means that you won't be the next person to be forced to muzzle or sterilize your dog because of the way it looks.

Success means that the authorities won't be able to enter your home and seize your dog simply because your neighbour doesn't like you.

Success means that you won't be forced to prove the breed of your dog in order to keep it alive.

Success means that you will have the choice to buy, adopt, or rescue any breed you wish, instead of having the government decide which breed is right for you!

Most members of Banned Aid do NOT own breeds targeted and banned by the Ontario government. They simply recognize the danger of allowing a government to start on this path.

This legal challenge has cost, and is still costing, a lot of money. In the case of an appeal, it will cost even more.

There are approximately six million dogs in this country, living in at least a million or two households. A combined effort by dog owners to support this legal challenge would require very little money from each individual, in reality not even a dollar!

The Banned Aid Coalition is fighting for you and your dog(s). Please reward these efforts by supporting them financially. All members are volunteers. Most materials and supplies are donated by supportive organizations or by the volunteers themselves. Every penny raised goes to fund the legal challenge.

One dollar, ten dollars, or a hundred. It doesn't matter. What matters is that every dog owner in this country needs to stand up and be counted, BEFORE they come for YOUR dog!

Please make your cheque payable to Ruby and Edwardh and mail it to:

Ruby & Edwardh
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
M5R 1B2

IMPORTANT: Please indicate on the envelope and on the cheque memo line that the money is for the BANNED AID LEGAL FUND.

If you would prefer to donate online using PayPal, simply go to the DLCC Donation Page at:

For those of you who have already helped, the dogs of Ontario and the rest of Canada thank you!

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