May 13, 2006

Update on the Barrie Bowl-a-Thon

Brief update from Lori Gray on the Barrie Bowl-a-Thon:

Hey Guys

I did an add up, and for the rough run through, we made 5000.00 profit! Not bad at all considering we had not as many as I hoped, and it was a tough crowd. Had to roll a few people in the hallways.. LOL. People weren’t in the parting with their money mood today, however we squeaked 5 grand out of them!

The lane sponsorships sure helped!!

Will give you a more accurate report when I get some sleep, and I can see a path through my house.. we had a ton of silent auction items left over. They can go to the next event, and we only did 114.00 in sales from the merch. The pledges were quite good. Averaged 93.00 per person if I remember correctly.

Thank you to all for the successful day! Was great to see so many people out, and many new faces. Thank you SO MUCH to all who worked the trenches! We are all tired, but we certainly know how to pull together! Great job everyone!!

Well I am off to bed! Will give more details after sleep!!

-- END --


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