June 01, 2006

Woofstock Toronto 2006

This year, Woofstock Toronto is being held in the St. Lawrence Market instead of the usual Distillery District. 40,000 dog lovers and their canine companions visit this event every year. The event is on Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th 2006 from 10am to 6pm.

The Dog Legislation Council of Canada will have a booth there to raise money for the legal challenge against Ontario's Bill 132. Last year was a resounding success and this year, with a more accessible booth location, promises to be even better!

Come and show off your dog to the rest of the city! ALL WELL-BEHAVED DOGS ARE WELCOME!

For those of you who own restricted breeds, Bill 132 rules apply, but you and your dog can still be ambassadors, letting everyone know just how silly this law is.

We don't know the exact location of the DLCC booth. If I can find out on Friday night, I'll post it here.

Here's the Woofstock organizer's map to get to the event

Here are more detailed directions:

The event is on Front Street (first street north of Lakeshore/Gardiner), basically between Yonge Street and Jarvis Street. There's a great parking lot that stretches all the way from Yonge to Jarvis, just south of Front Street and is accessible most easily by going to the bottom of Church Street (half way between Yonge and Jarvis).

From the west or northwest via 401/407/410, take the 401 east to the 427 south to the Gardiner East. Exit at Yonge or Jarvis.

From the north via 400, take the 400 south to the 401 east to the Don Valley Parkway south to the Gardiner West. Exit at Yonge or Jarvis. WARNING: Construction on the 401, down to two lanes in the collector lanes. Stay in the express lanes if you can. A second option is take the 401 west to the 427 (see instructions in previous paragraph).

From the east or northeast via the 401/404/DVP, take the 401 west or the 404 south to the Don Valley Parkway south to the Gardiner West. Exit at Yonge or Jarvis.

From the west via QEW/Gardiner, exit at Yonge or Jarvis.

Once you are around the Yonge/Jarvis/Front area, find a parking spot in a parking lot. Walk north to Front.

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