August 08, 2006

Shire Shunned - Shameful

Shire is a licensed pet therapy dog working with special needs children in New Brunswick.

During her life, Shire has never done anything to cause people to dislike her, be afraid of her, or reject her. On the contrary, she has performed her duties impeccably, despite her own life-and-death struggles with illness.

The town of Florenceville, New Brunswick, believes she needs to die and will kill her if she steps foot in their town.

Animal Control of Florenceville wish to seize her.

The RCMP (national Canadian police) are on the lookout for her.


Because she's a Rottweiler and Rottweilers are banned in Florenceville. This, despite the fact that the Florenceville town clerk's office told her owners BEFORE they moved that there were no breed bans in the town. This information was repeated to their real estate agent.

McCain Foods, the employer of Shire's owner, refuses to step in and help, even though the reason her owner moved to Florenceville was because of his job with McCain's.

Dog Politics has a complete article on this.

The town councillors in Florenceville don't seem to care if anyone wants to visit their small town, even though it's been made abundantly clear to them that responsible, caring dog owners won't ever step foot in their village.

Unfortunately, McCain's, the major employer in the town, seems to be taking the political non-road by refusing to get involved. Since Florenceville doesn't care that the rest of the world is mad at them, maybe McCain's will.

Online contact for McCain's is:

Regular mail:

McCain Foods Limited
107 Main Street
Florenceville, N.B.
E7L 1B2

The phone number to reach the main switchboard of the corporate headquarters is 506-392-5541.

Contact info for the village of Florenceville is:

381 Main Street
Florenceville, NB
E7L 3G8

Tel: (506)392-5249
Fax: (506)392-6143


Courtesy of a comment posted on the Dog Politics article, some of McCain's products are:

McCains frozen fries, drinks and desserts (and pizza)
Maple Leaf meats
Dempsters breads
Hygrade (in Quebec)
California Goldminer Sourdough
Maison Cousin
Canada Bread

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