September 29, 2006

And people worry about "pit bulls"?

I never cease to be amazed at the inhuman acts one man will do to another man or, in this case, to a woman.

Wife abuser deported to Canada - National Post, September 29, 2006

In case the article disappears, here are some highlights:

A Canadian man who spent six years in a Washington state jail for keeping his wife on a squalid sailboat for years and forcing her to fight with German shepherds for food has been deported to Canada.

By the time police in Everett, Wash., found Linda David stuffed into the bow of the boat amid seven growling dogs in early 1997, she was covered in vomit and faeces. She had suffered brain damage and could barely move. Her ears looked like those of a boxer and scars from scrapping with the dogs crisscrossed her face. She weighed 105 pounds.

Her husband -- Victor David, 66, a Canadian citizen -- told social workers his wife had multiple sclerosis, and he had been collecting government cheques as her caregiver.

Mrs. David's brain is so badly damaged she barely remembers the abuse.

After years of therapy, Mrs. David can still only walk a few steps. She suffers from dementia and can barely see because her cataracts went untreated.

"Her brain was pulverized in some places," said Lynne Fulp, executive director of Partners In Care, the guardianship firm that oversees Mrs. David's trust. Almost every bone in her body had been broken, she said. "Those bones were allowed to heal without medical attention, so there's deformity from bones being healed improperly."

Experts say her brain has shrunk up to 40% from repeated blows.
Now, after only SIX years in prison in Washington State, this man is free to roam Canada. To borrow a phrase from Ontario's dog legislation, he is clearly a "menace to the safety of persons and domestic animals".

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