September 05, 2006

Canadian Breeds and Restrictions

A recent article on Dog Politics discussed a proposal in New Jersey to require all "pit bull" owners to be photographed, pay an extra registration fee, and have signficant personal information recorded in a central database.

I have been going through all the bylaws and ordinances for many cities and towns throughout Canada, including a number that restrict or prohibit certain breeds. Below is a summary of the various types of restrictions or prohibitions I have found.

Keep in mind two things:

1. These are ONLY in Canada.
2. Every one of these restrictions or prohibitions is BY BREED.

Mobility Restrictions

  • 3 ft leash

  • muzzle

  • muzzle/leash in vehicle

  • minimum age of person walking the dog

  • enclosed pen (with top and sides and lock) or tethered with a chain

  • crate or pen the dog if children under 14 are in the house

  • not allowed in off-leash dog parks

  • automatically declared dangerous or vicious
Ownership Restrictions
  • limit on number of dogs

  • dogs from out-of-town not allowed in town

  • in some towns, no grandfather clause - all existing dogs must leave immediately

  • non-transferable licence (no transfer of ownership allowed)
Owner Tracking and Registration
  • mandatory microchip

  • mandatory spay/neuter

  • mandatory immunization for rabies (specifically listed for restricted breeds)

  • special "restricted or dangerous dog" licence (with a higher annual fee)

  • special application fee

  • must apply in person with dog

  • signed and sworn statement that dog is legal and that the dog you are applying for is the dog you are with

  • photograph taken by Animal Control Officer

  • notification of change of address, change of ownership, death of dog

  • special dog tag

  • no replacement for special dog tag (unlike regular dog tags) - must apply for new licence

  • warning sign on premises

  • one million dollars liability insurance

  • visiting dogs required to register with city and pay a registration fee
  • higher penalties for noncompliance

  • entry/seizure without warrant specifically allowed for certain breeds

  • law can be enforced by ANY town employee, not just law enforcement or animal control

  • owner is responsible for all kenneling costs after impounding
Destruction of Dogs
  • town will not return impounded dog (regardless of reason for impounding)

  • destroy prohibited breeds on sight with no notification to owner

  • mandatory death of dog if owner fails to comply

  • mandatory death of puppies if discovered

  • owner is responsible for cost of destroying the dog

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