October 10, 2006

Yarmouth, NS: Not anti-breed, just anti-dog!

Sigh! Another example of the movement by politicians towards completely isolating dog owners from the rest of society. Another town to add to my list of places in Canada I choose not to visit.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, is considering banning ALL dogs from the town's Main Street and possibly from the entire downtown core.

Representatives for the town state that the measure is necessary because of "pooping without scooping", because "many people feel uncomfortable and nervous around dogs", because of "how dogs react when they meet other dogs", and because "getting rid of the dogs would solve the issue of loitering".

Yarmouth has already banned ALL dogs from Department of Leisure facilities "when people are present".

Apparently, it's easier to ban than it is to enforce existing laws. The concept is identical to breed banning, penalizing responsible owners, who are the vast majority, for the irresponsible actions of a few.

Read the whole story here

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