December 08, 2006

Bryant is bankrupting Ontario's Legal Aid system

According to Legal Aid Ontario, grandiose "mega-trials" designed by Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, are bankrupting the Legal Aid system, which can now no longer afford to provide assistance to people who truly need it.

Just like with his ill-conceived dog legislation, Bryant has dived headlong into another pet project (no pun intended) without proper research, consultation, or planning, resulting in suffering to people who don't deserve it.

Another example of something that sounds great to the public in the beginning, but quickly turns into an unmanageable mess.

Read the Toronto Star article here.

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Caveat said...

News would be 'Bryant comes up with excellent, well thought-out idea'.

The 'mega-trial' thing gave me the creeps right off the bat. How many of these group trials are they planning to hold?

Millions spent on the courthouse which could have been saved or used more wisely for legal aid, more judges, a longer court schedule, etc.

Bryant is unfit for public office and should not have access to the public purse.

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