February 28, 2007

Guilty by association


These are but a few of the many experiences that some, if not most, owners of certain types of dogs must endure on a regular and frequent basis.

As a direct result of the disinformation spouted by mainstream media organizations and by publicity-seeking politicians, many average citizens seem to feel that it's perfectly acceptable, perhaps even necessary, to harass, threaten, and assault other law-abiding citizens.

From the Dog Politics blog, here are some examples of these types of actions:

  • People crossing the street, or screaming and cursing at a dog owner;
  • Denial of accomodations at a hotel or campground, or access to a park;
  • Disabled persons with service dogs being asked to leave a store or restaurant;
  • Physical assaults including spitting, kicking, throwing of rocks, cans, bottles.

If you think these are exaggerations or unusual occurrences, I can tell you from personal experience that they're not! All of the above have occurred to either myself or close friends - not just once, but multiple times - in some cases with very serious physical consequences.

I have also received many reports of similar experiences from other dog owners, particularly those in Ontario, Canada.

Dog Politics, My Dog Votes, Love Does Not Discriminate, along with average dog owners throughout the world, have had enough!

Everyone now has the opportunity to fight back by helping to create a database of every act of discrimination and harassment against dogs and their owners, worldwide.

You can now report media bias against specific dog breeds or types, insurance discrimination against dog owners, and assault or harassment of dogs and their owners.

To report MEDIA BIAS, click here.


To report ASSAULT OR HARASSMENT, click here.

Read the full Dog Politics story here.

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