May 05, 2007

Attacks on letter carriers in Winnipeg: not a "pit bull"

A pet owner in Winnipeg now has to pick up his mail four kilometres away from his house because of the animal's aggressive behaviour towards letter carriers.

Here are some of the descriptions from the news story:

"aggressive and threatening the letter carrier"

"unsafe for the letter carrier to deliver the mail"

"we have quite a history with this [animal]"

"it has attacked letter carriers three times"

"letter carriers have been growled at [and] stalked"

"because of its aggressive behaviour, we're not sure if it has rabies"

"when a CBC camera operator returned to get more pictures, the [animal]...bared his fangs"

Actually, it looks like someone may have simply recycled on old "pit bull" story.

Click here to read the whole CBC story

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Anonymous said...

A cat attack is not a joke. They have nails and teeth and use both in an attack. A bite from a cat can become seriously infected in moments, the victim can actually watch the infection spread from the bite site.

Dianne said...

A cat attack is not a joke. A cat has teeth and claws, and uses both in an attack. A bite wound from a cat can become life-threateningly infected in an incredibly short time; the victim can see the infection spread from the bite site.

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