May 22, 2007

Definitely all brawn and no brains

It's not enough that Michael Vick is being investigated for dogfighting. Now two of his NFL co-Neanderthals are defending him.

Now, considering the concept of "innocent until proven guilty", I could understand comments like "I don't believe that Vick would do that" or "He didn't know what was going on", etc.

But, no, in an MSN article and video, Clinton Portis, the Washington Redskins' version of the missing link, says, "It's his property. It's his dog. If that's what he wants to do, do it."

In other words, feel free to break the law and torture animals. No problem. That's your right.

And a teammate of Vick's, Chris Samuels, is right there in the video defending Vick as well. I'm not sure why the newspapers are focusing only on Portis, because it's clear that Samuels also thinks it's just fine.

What strikes me the most about the video is how funny these jokers think this is, to take two animals, stick them in a pit, and watch them tear the crap out of each other. But hey, who cares, they're just property, right? Do whatever you want with them. Illegal? Oh, well, dogfighting doesn't really count, according to Portis and Samuels.

Kevin Hench has written a great response to this video. Thanks for saying what I'm sure a lot of us feel, Kevin.

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Anonymous said...

You can comment on Portis and Samuels on the Fox website...

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