May 02, 2007

The worst Canadian

The Beaver, the online magazine of Canada's National History Society, is asking Canadians to suggest the worst Canadian.

I chose Michael Bryant, Attorney General of Ontario, for the following reasons.

  • Violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands of average Ontario citizens;
  • Created a law that can put people in prison based on the "best guess" of a completely unqualified person;
  • Caused the deaths of thousands of adult dogs, as well as newborn puppies, without proof of harm or even potential harm;
  • Publicly made false statements to support his view;
  • Asked for, and then completely ignored, overwhelming expert advice against his proposal;
  • With the help of the leader of the Liberal Party, Dalton McGuinty, forced all party members to vote in favour of his proposal, even though many of them did not understand the Act or its far-reaching consequences to human rights and average law-abiding citizens;
  • Ignored the pleas and testimony of victims of bites by many other non-targeted dogs;
  • Wasted millions of taxpayers' dollars chasing a non-existent breed of dog and defending that decision against a constitutional challenge, then claimed "lawyer-client privilege" to avoid having to reveal to the public the true cost of his discriminatory campaign;
  • Publicly stated that his law has been successful in reducing bites by certain types of dogs, when it is scientifically, statistically, and legally impossible to obtain that information;
  • Publicly stigmatized average Ontario dog owners as criminals, drug dealers, and gangsters;
  • Overstated and exaggerated the public image and danger of a particular group of dogs, knowing full well that this would promote vigilantism against law-abiding citizens;
  • Created a law that allows the suspected existence of a particular dog to override constitutionally protected rights against unreasonable search and seizure and that allows police to enter ANY private home without a warrant;
  • Made my life hell, simply because my dog MIGHT look like something that someone, somewhere, is afraid of.
Please visit the Beaver website and let's send this man to the top of the list of really, really bad people.

NOTE: The website says that you can vote three times, so please do.

-- END --


Anonymous said...

I added Dalton to the hit list, and this is why...

For reminding me of a turtle every time I see his photo.
For allowing or even directing Michael Bryant to stomp on the civil rights and safety of responsible, law abiding dog owners.
For being cavalier about the rights, money and interests of Ontario residents.
For being silent for months, then getting all mouthy because he has to sell his brand before the October election.
For not ever just "flicking off", him and the rest of the Fiberals.

Anonymous said...

It would be impossible to state it better than you have done here! Well said!!

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