June 22, 2007

Air Canada - fly a whole new way (petless)

Further to my previous story about Air Canada, here's my letter to them.

Interestingly, after I sent them the letter, I received an automated response stating that I should receive a detailed reply within 15 days (I think they actually said "business days").

Now that's customer service!

Anyway, here's the letter.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Please be advised that, as a long time customer of Air Canada (approximately 25 years) and one who has consistently chosen Air Canada over its competitors, I will no longer fly Air Canada for any trip, anywhere. In fact, I will now be willing to pay for a more expensive flight on another airline in order to make sure I don't fly Air Canada.

As a pet owner, for me this is simply a matter of principle, regardless of whether my pet is coming with me on a particular trip.

I refuse to support any organization that treats pet owners as second class citizens and that is exactly what you have done with this decision.

Apparently, if I am to believe your advertisements, I can fly a whole new way on Air Canada - my way. Unless, of course, I own a pet.


Steve Barker

-- END --


Selma said...

I only fly Air Crapada when I have no other choice, which is rarely. I've diskliked the airline for decades.

I fly Westjet, Jet Blue or America West on this continent, other airlines overseas.

Not only is Air Crapada more expensive, the crews are surly, the check-in is painful and the schedules are inconvenient.

Now I will definitely never, ever buy an Air Canada ticket.

What baloney - more luggage. Funny that luggage allowances have dropped, isn't it? Also, they usually only have space for a few pets in the temperature controlled cargo area anyway, it's not as though hundreds of dogs are on every flight.

They are caving in to someone over this, maybe it's the same meddlers who stopped the beagle flights a week or so ago.

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