June 22, 2007

I knew these guys were bad, but this is ridiculous!

I became a reluctant political activist, specifically targeting the ruling Ontario Liberal party, because of their arrogance, because of their insolence, because of their false and misleading public statements, and because they showed an incredible lack of willingness to listen and learn from people who know what they're talking about.

Considering the amount of time and effort I and my colleagues have spent over the past almost three years trying to educate and eventually being forced to fight the Liberal government, you'd think I'd have better insight as to how terribly this party has governed our province, but even with my inside knowledge, I really had no idea.

That is, until Social Mange published this article, writing it all down in one, easy-to-understand document.

I am truly stunned at the audacity of these men and women who have clearly forgotten (if they ever cared) that they have been hired by us, at our expense, to do what's best for us, not what's best for themselves.

Please, please, please make sure these guys do NOT get back into power in October of this year.

I don't think my heart nor my brain could take it.

-- END --


Anonymous said...

Fighting them in court, no less. I'd like to research how many lawsuits have been brought against the McGuinty Fibs...it seems to me that there have been an inordinate number of suits against the McGuinty government, brought by everyday people for very important reasons. Dog owners, autistic children spring to mind...I know there are more.

Anonymous said...

Correction - parents of autistic children.

Anonymous said...

Add the disabled, a class action suit has been filed..and the Fibs tried to get it dismissed, rather than taking responsibility for the failure of the disability support system.


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