June 05, 2007

May I list more Liberal arrogance?

Articles from various news organizations regarding Dalton McGuinty's abrupt ending of the Ontario Legislature session three weeks early.

The Globe and Mail: Ontario legislature prorogued

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty abruptly ended the legislature's spring session Tuesday, more than three weeks earlier than initially planned and one day before Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle was set to appear before a committee to face questions about grants given to groups with ties to the Liberal Party.
The Toronto Star: Legislature on holidays early
No more question periods, no more briefing books, no more Speaker's dirty looks. After a stormy spring session fuelled by "slush fund" and lottery scandals, Premier Dalton McGuinty and MPPs are heading off 3 weeks earlier than scheduled for their summer holidays leading into the Oct. 10 election.
CityNews: Liberals End Session 3 Wks. Early To Concentrate On Getting Your Vote
How would you like to get out of work three weeks early, take the whole summer off and still not have to report back to work until October?
The Toronto Sun: Premier calls it a session
The Liberals have their work cut out for them if they’re going to shed the label of promise breakers before the fall vote, Premier Dalton McGuinty conceded Tuesday as he adjourned the legislature early

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Selma said...

So let me get this straight.

31% pay and benefits increase right before Christmas.

3-month Christmas break.

Additional increase of 2% on the new salary because the Feds got one and there's a clause stating the provincial guys get the same raise

4-month summer break

Various bans, some backpedalled, some not.

Legislation drafted with so many flaws that some bills required hundreds of amendments - many from within the Liberal caucus

Scandals and corruption - Sorbara, Takar, Caplan, Colle - all cabinet ministers under the cloud of scandal

I can't go on, it's too infuriating.

McGuinty can spin all he likes - I think he's toast. Of course Fiberals are slippery and will lie to get elected. I just hope they don't fool too many people who live in la-la land again.

Dianne said...

Hehehe. Just to keep this all fresh in the minds of voters, I'm going to get a t-shirt and fabric marker and make a Liberals Legacy t-shirt, listing as many broken promises and inane initiatives as I can, and wear it to public events.

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