June 27, 2007

Ontario Ombudsman: Government “puffery” undermines public trust

A huge thank you to Ontario Ombudsman André Marin for saying publicly (and for getting the media to publish) what I and others have been trying to say for years.

This Ontario government simply does not appear to believe that it has any responsibility, whatsoever, to its taxpayers.

Marin, in his second annual report, describes the Ontario Liberal government as being rife with "puffery".

I could not have described it better.

Read the Globe and Mail story for more details or visit the Ombudsman's website to read the entire report.

I will be reviewing it and reporting back to you.

-- END --


Selma said...

I saw Andre on The Agenda awhile ago and I think I'm in love.

Guts, brains, ethics, common sense - he's one in a million.

Oh, and I love the way he sticks it to the charlatans who claims to be the 'government'.

Don't ever change, Andre.

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