July 11, 2007

Letter to all Ontario voters

The following is a message written by Jamie MacDonald on Facebook's "Help Elect Chris Savard" Discussion Board.

Chris Savard is the Progressive Conservative candidate for Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry in the 2007 Ontario election.

For more interesting and insightful comments by Jamie, please visit Mac's website at http://jmacd.bravehost.com/

Here's Jamie's message, reprinted with permission from the author.

I would be interested in knowing if there are people in the riding that have been impacted by the implementation of Bill 132 (DOLA) or as it's known by the public at large (the "pit bull" ban).

This Bill deprived a select group of Ontario citizens of their Charter Rights.

We were subject to jail time, fines, unwarranted search and seizure and all of this without due process of law which is accorded to every other Canadian citizen.

A recent Superior Court Decision - "Cochrane v. Ontario" (You can google this if you're interested) has given us back most of our rights.

The Judge ruled that the Ontario Liberals violated Section 7 and 11d of the Charter, she struck down "reverse onus" and declared "Pitbull includes" and the term "Pitbull" terrier as vague and Unconsitutional, as there is no such breed of dog as a "Pitbull".

She did uphold the constitutionality of the language of naming a purebred dog (or a dog that is substantially similar - Crown must prove this) as it can readily be identified.

So watch out Chow, Doberman, Akita, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc owners. (And the list could get longer.)

A remedy hearing was held on June 28 in the Superior Court of Ontario for the judge to decide the remedy. (What do we do, now that the Bill is in shambles and they've wasted all this money)

You can read the summary of the hearing here (This is a summary by a very involved party who was present). We are hoping to have a ruling prior to the election.

If you're a farmer or a Senior or someone else in the riding, you may be reading this post and saying to yourselves - Who cares? Nothing to do with me, I hate this imaginary "breed", good riddance!

Well here's just a couple of reasons why you should care.

First of all there is the cost to taxpayers of all the time spent in the legislature debating this Bill and talking about a non-existent breed of dog, then there was the cost to taxpayers of the committee hearings. I believe it was 4 days!

Experts testified for the dogs, told the Liberals don't do it. Here is how you deal with dangerous dogs of any and all breeds and imaginary breeds. Liberals wouldn't listen (surprise, surprise) and proceeded with their agenda (some of us would call it a smokescreen to divert your attention away from some of their other little messes.)

So it was implemented.

We (Bannedaid) and supporters took them to court and won the majority of the case.
Now here is the interesting part for all taxpayers in Ontario!

Our legal fees have topped 1/2 million.

So we (Bannedaid) and supporters thought the public (You) might like to know how much you donated?? to this case and the defense of Bill 132 in court.

So the PC caucus filed a request for costs under the freedom of Information Act.

Well guess what?

Dalton McGuinty doesn't wish to tell you how much you donated?? and he doesn't think you have a right to know.

You can read the refusal letter here.

So to all farmers, to all Seniors, to all those who have loved ones in Nursing homes in the riding (who are probably getting 1 bath/week), if you want to know why Mr McGuinty has no money to help you,look no further than here

He and Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant have just spent millions???? (Who knows?) protecting you from this dog and others just like him.

And by the way, if you see me walking him, honk to show your support or stop and say hi, he hasn't eaten anyone lately, loves everyone, Liberals (not so sure anymore).

I don't know about you, but I'm ticked off!

I want to know how much they spent and I want them to spend my money on Dog education programs in schools, Dog Education ads on TV and implement other ideas that were given to them at the hearings by the real experts on dogs. Michael Bryant couldn't even pick out a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier from a gallery of 24 other purebred dogs. One of the dogs was a Jack Russell Terrier!

Do you want this guy dealing with gun toting felons, pedophiles, street racers etc in this province?

Forget about the FLICKING TV Ads Mr McGuinty.

I know how to shut my damn lights off!!

My dog and I will be telling you to FLICK OFF on October 10. I hope other dog owners will join me! Our dogs vote!!!! Remember that Dalton! (If you're reading this and I'm sure you are)

Mr Tory, if you're reading this, you have to make this an issue, tell the public about the refusal and tell dog owners in this province that you oppose Bill 132, you oppose Breed Specific Legislation and you will get rid of it when elected.


Mr Tory, I'm waiting.

I support Chris Savard.

Can I support you and this party?

I promise my next post will be a lot shorter.

Please visit Mac and show your support for all Ontario citizens (even the owners of "Pit bulls").

-- END --


Mac(An Ontario "Pitbull") said...

Thanks for adding "us" to your site.
"We" sent the link to Chris Savard and John Tory.
14,000+ voters have visited this site.
Hope those Fiberals are paying attention,they might just lose this upcoming election due to Bill 132!

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