July 18, 2007

The SPCA's view on the Lockport dog-child "sexual assault"

There is an update on Stinky Journalism regarding the original story of a dog sexually assaulting a boy in Lockport NY.

The update includes the full text of the interview by Art Science Research Laboratory with the director of the SPCA.

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Anonymous said...

The mother's story sounds preposterous. Let's suppose that the child had a dirty diaper, removed it, and was naked when he entered the living room. IF the dog was involved, the dog would have knocked the child down. The child would have been laying flat on the floor. Penetration by the dog would have been a near impossibility. There are also the factors that the dog would have had to be stimulated to sexual activity by a scent and approached the child.

This is not a three-second incident; IF it occurred, some time would have passed. How long did the mother leave the child with the dog?

The story stinks worse than the diaper.

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