September 13, 2007

Important data for Ontario residents

Wag the Dog has published some very important data related to the upcoming Ontario election.

The first tells you how all Members of Provincial Parliament voted on Bill 132 (the Dog Owners' Liability Act), a piece of legislation that has caused the deaths of thousands of dogs and violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens.

If your MPP voted in favour of Bill 132 (or failed to vote), feel free to drop in to their constituency office and explain to them why you won't be voting for them on October 10.

The second article shows which of the current 107 Ontario ridings were most closely contested in the 2003 election (usually between the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives). 38 of the 107 ridings had two parties separated by less than 10% of the vote.

For anyone in these ridings (or anyone who wants to travel to them), effective lawn signs and literature in vets' offices and pet stores could make a difference enough to swing the vote away from the Liberals.

Click here to see how your MPP voted on Bill 132.

Click here to see a list of the current 107 ridings and who won them vs who came in second in 2003.

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