October 02, 2007

Comments about Lucky the Lab

I posted an earlier article about Lucky the Labrador Retriever, whose destruction was requested by the city of Thornhill after he was identified as a "pit bull".

Well, over at Wag the Dog, where the same article was posted, some nasty comments here and here have been made by someone who says they're not a Liberal supporter and that they don't believe in breed-specific legislation.

They have a funny way of showing it!

They were immediately assured by Wag the Dog authors that, not only is this particular story verifiable, but all of the items posted on that blog have actually happened to real people with real dogs.

The daughter of Lucky's owner also posted her own comments on that same site. You can read them here.

I wonder if the comment-maker just decided to post something controversial so they could sit back and watch everyone freak out.


Despite their idiocy, I really hope that Animal Control doesn't come knocking on their door. Now that would really cause a commotion, wouldn't it?

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