October 01, 2007

If it looks like a "pit bull" . . .

A special story for those who have recently sent in comments questioning the accuracy and truthfulness of our supposed "scare-mongering" tactics about what life is like for many dog owners in Ontario.

This is a true, verifiable story (as have been all of my accounts) that was related to me by a first-hand directly-involved party.

The owner of a pit bull type dog, well known in a local Toronto park, was visiting the park. A buzz was going around the park that day because of a serious dog-on-dog attack that had occurred the day before.

The pit bull owner visited the park a couple of times that day and had at least a dozen people come up and say, "Did you hear about the pit bull attack? Did you hear?".

The pit bull owner happened to know the attacking dog which was (and is) an American Bulldog.

So, to each person who came running up saying "did you hear?", this owner repeated to them, "it was not a pit bull, it was an American Bulldog".

Finally, the owner of a Golden Retriever / Poodle mix turned to the owner and said, "For Ch...t's sake, would you stop defending your breed and admit that it will attack and injure other dogs!".

At which point, the GoldenDoodle owner was confronted by another dog owner who said, "I know which dog you're talking about and it was an American Bulldog".

The GoldenDoodle owner turned, looked at the pit bull owner, spat at that person's feet, and walked away.

This GoldenDoodle owner spewed hatred and venom at this dog owner for an incident that didn't involve that person, didn't involve their dogs, and didn't even involve their breed.


-- END --


Anonymous said...

Some people will fall for anything and this a$$hole is one of them. Don't research and don't try to find the truth, just listen to the Fiberals spue their lies to get votes. As bad as the the Toronto Sun they are. They kill innocent animals because the Toronto Sun needs to sell papers on bad news days and MONGREL DOG ATTACKS DOSEN'T DO IT. The Pit Bulls PAY AGAIN for man's ignorance and greed. The discrimation is disgusting but what frightens me most of all, is that EVEN when the TRUTH is right in front of them and verified THESE idiots still continue to blame an innocent. Racism pure racism.

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