October 10, 2007



Today, YOU can make a difference.

YOU can change the lives of thousands of dog owners and save the lives of thousands of dogs in Ontario.

To do this, you MUST:


If you don't vote, don't complain later about what you get. I hope that every dog owner in this province, not matter how tired, sick, busy, bored, or disillusioned, drags themselves to the voting booth.

To find out where to vote and who your candidates are, go to



Put simply, if the PC or NDP parties get in power, even in a minority government scenario, we will at least have a chance of overturning the Liberals' dog-killing, rights-trampling legislation.

If the Liberals get in power, then there will be no reversal of this law. In fact, there is a real possibility that it will get worse.


Vote for who is most likely to beat the Liberal candidate in your particular riding. I've received a number of complaints because I seem to be promoting one party over another. That is true. I am. But I'm not saying vote PC to everyone, everywhere. I'm saying vote for who can beat the Liberals where you are (see point #2). That's all.

I respect that it's a bit much to ask you to vote for a party to whom you may have been opposed your whole life. I know a lot of people who would never vote PC and a lot of others who would never vote NDP.

So, if you can't bring yourself to vote strategically, then at least go back to point #2.


Push people. You don't have to be over-polite at this point. Help them understand the importance of the above 3 points.

Questions like this:

You've known my dog and me for how many years?

And you've seen what we've gone through?

And the other dog owners you know who've experienced similar things?

You've seen how their lives have been changed?

Do you want us to continue to go through this, living in fear for our dogs' lives?

Do you care enough about us and our dogs to vote against the Liberals in this election?

Because I'll pretty well guarantee you that, if they win, we're moving out of this province.

That might wake them up.

I'll be up late tonight with fingers and toes crossed.

Hope it's a good day tomorrow. It's my birthday.


-- END --


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