November 05, 2007

Pick and choose your hatred

The Government of Ontario issued a press release on November 2 stating that the focus of this year's "Crime Prevention Week" (November 4 to 10) will be eliminating racism, hate crimes, hate propaganda and violence to make Ontario safe.

When I read the entire release, looking at it from an Ontario "pit bull" owner's point of view, the rhetoric struck me as entirely hypocritical. This government has been the direct cause of countless incidents of vigilantism and hatred against an identifiable group of citizens. This government has clearly promoted hatred and a canine version of racism, based on no valid data and based entirely on physical appearance.

Here are a few excerpts from the press release. Look at these statements as viewed by a dog owner in Ontario, targeted by discriminatory and hate-filled laws.

  • Fighting racism, intolerance and hate is one of the building blocks of strong and safe communities
  • Ontario will not tolerate expressions of hate and racism and will reach out to protect those who suffer from discrimination
  • Police services, school boards and community groups across Ontario will be better equipped to fight hatred and intolerance in all its forms, through greater awareness of what motivates a hate crime,
  • and through information on how to recognize subtle but hateful propaganda and activities
  • Since 2003, the government has provided specialized training in hate crimes legislation for a team of Crown attorneys
I am adamantly opposed to any type of hatred. Normally, I would look at statements like these and offer my full support.

Unfortunately, being now a victim of hatred and discrimination, not only supported by this government, but initiated by it, I find it difficult to take their stated objectives seriously.

These words may, indeed, be just that: words. Words designed to appease a frightened, media-manipulated public. Words to make us feel safe.

"Making Ontario safer"

"Keeping Ontario safer"

Michael Bryant, FORMER Attorney General of Ontario, has used those phrases ad nauseum to justify numerous human rights abuses and violations of citizens' civil rights.

For another member of Dalton McGuinty's party to now come out and promote this government as our "protector" is simply a bad joke.

Here's the full press release:

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Social Mange said...

I want to be physically ill.

The Fibs subtly invoked xenophobia to discredit the Tories' faith-based schoolin plank (not platform, just a plank), are now getting all self-righteous.

What a bunch of lying-a** hypocrites.

Mac`s Gang said...

I stopped in to see my Federal MP,Guy Lauzon about Breed Specific Legislation,specifically the ruling that the Charter had been violated.
This Charter Violation makes this a Federal issue,even though Bill 132 is Provincial.
I was summarily dismissed with a flip of his hand when I told him that if he wanted my support,then I expected him to show his support for all Canadian citizens and that included ALL dog owners.
I believe that if I had been a visible minority,I would NOT have been treated like that.
Does that sound racist on my part?
They`re getting away with discriminating against a group of dog owners.
Why is that ok?
It isn`t ok and the public needs to wake up!
I know that when the Federal election is called,that MP won`t be getting my vote.
He`s a Conservative MP.
Federal MP`s better get their act together and decide whether they want the dog vote.
And dog owners should find out where their MP stands now.
Don`t wait till the election is called.
Give them time to smarten up.

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