November 07, 2007

Their minds were made up!

If you want proof that the mind of the Ontario government was made up BEFORE the Bill 132 committee hearings, you need look no further than these comments by Conservative MPP Joe Tascona and NDP MPP Peter Kormos, in opposition to the Bill.

Any rational, logical person could not listen to what these two men had to say and still believe that targeting a certain canine appearance could possibly reduce dog bites.

Keep in mind that that these statements came AFTER four days of committee hearings, in which 80% of the presenters and EVERY credible canine expert rejected the Bill 132 solution. The government had already been told what the problems would be with their approach and what solutions were already working.

Tascona and Kormos simply compressed those four days into a few thoughtful and logical sentences.

Thanks to Caveat.

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Caveat said...

Thanks for the plug, Chico!

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