December 18, 2007

Sad, angry, and frustrated

The pit bull puppy in my earlier story Animal cruelty and the Ontario government is now on her way to be cremated. She died this morning at the vet's office.

She never left the vet's office from the time my friend brought her in, torn and bleeding from a barbed wire "collar".

Her body simply gave out. She had spleen problems, probably from being kicked so hard or so much. She had a bladder infection, as well as infection in the neck wounds. Apparently, there were other things wrong as well, too much and too many for her five-month-old body to handle.

The man who was to be this pup's final home is still going to take her, along with the remains of his old boy who is going to be put down tomorrow after living a long and happy life.

So this little girl, nameless to the end, becomes just another statistic in this war on dogs. But not in my heart, nor in the hearts of her rescuers.

There are so many of these stories, so many of these dogs.

I want so much to blame the Ontario Liberal government for this dog's death, and perhaps there is some part of this tragedy that can be pointed at them. Certainly, the "pit bull ban", and the fear it created in this dog's rescuer with its insistence on killing unoffending, non-biting dogs, is the reason these owners were able to walk away and the reason they'll be free to get another dog tomorrow.

But the reality is that, no matter what laws are in place, dogs will always be dying because of stupid, irresponsible, negligent, or just plain abusive owners.

I blame the breeder who created and sold this little girl to live her entire life in pain and fear.

I blame the dog's owners for taking out their hatred of the world on a dog that wouldn't fight back.

I hope I run into them one day.

I really do.

Nobody knew this girl's name, so I think I'll call her Dolores (sorrow, pain).

-- END --


Mac`s Gang said...

Oh no.
I`m so sorry to hear that.
I thought it would be a sad story with a happy ending.
R.I.P Dolores
My condolences to all involved
and my heart goes out to the person who was ready to give this pup a home while facing the loss of his own dog.

I truly believe in Karma.
What goes around comes around!

Social Mange said...

Be happy, whole and painfree at the Bridge, Dolores. We'll meet you and the old fellow there someday and we can play forever, a joy you never had in your short life.

Social Mange said...

My deepest condolences to Dolores' rescuer, who has a heart big enough and loving enough to help Dolores even when facing the loss of his beloved dog. He's a saint walking our earth.

Caveat said...

Very sad that someone would treat a helpless animal that way.

You know, your friend likely has a good picture of those people in her mind. She should report this to the police now that the dog is out of harm's way - she doesn't have to tell them the pup fit DOLA but she should give them a good description, the date, time, etc of the incident. They are probably drug addicts or alcoholics so probably live in the area.

She should contact media too, get the vet report and so on.

These people deserve to be not only punished but taken off the Dog Street so some other pup doesn't have to suffer at their hands.

I do blame the government because they helped further the propaganda about certain shapes of dogs. They isolated and marginalized them and their owners so they became something other than dogs in the minds of the public.

I blame them, big time. They turned caring, responsible people into criminals for no good reason. They shut down good breeders. They made honest people afraid to contact the authorities. The turned neighbour against neighbour. They opened to door to vigilantism, harassment and animal abuse - including the abuse they legislated.

Anonymous said...

Does this not also prove that pit bulls aren't as they're stereotyped to be?
She didn't even fight back.

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